Well, here we are. Are you well? I am. Well, I was, until I deleted my website.

I’m now looking at the clear field where my website once stood, having unintentionally decided to test my disaster recovery processes. While clearing out an old backup server I discovered a folder titled richardthornton.com. “Aha”, I thought to myself. “You shouldn’t be here. Begone. You’re not needed any more.” DELETE.

And as it is with these kinds of things, this old backup just happened to be my live website. Running from my backup server. The backup server that, as it is with these kinds of things, isn’t backed up itself.

I vaguely remember a time that my website was hacked. To quickly circumvent the issue I switched over to a backup, deleted the live site and posted a sticky note in my mind to return and rebuild it. Somewhere in the hubbub of my daily existence that sticky note fell, only to be rediscovered today as I sit here and gaze through the fog that is my memory.

But like a good IT evangelist, I still have a fallback. My website runs on WordPress, which is hooked up to a database that is, thankfully, still backed up regularly. It means a lot of my previous content still exists in some way, though for now this new, clean slate is an appealing canvas on which I can start fresh.

If you’ve arrived here looking for details of my trumpet and bugle playing, or other content you might have a link to that I haven’t restored, please just get in touch!

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